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Financing options are out there, but, often, they’re through predatory lenders. You may have been declared bad credit holder due to bankruptcy, arrears or previous unpaid debts but still you have long cherished dream to drive your own car. Over time, your credit score can improve. 2. What's the difference between a BHPH dealership and a traditional dealership? Depending on the dealerships you visit, very little. 2. Buy Here Pay Here (BHPH) financing means that you arrange a loan and make payments on it at the dealership. However, these loans generally come with high interest rates and prepayment penalties. In fact, many traditional new and used car dealerships have started to offer BHPH financing as an option. High Pre-Payment Penalties Predatory lenders like to include things in their contracts that make it nearly impossible for you to refinance your loan. But auto loans bad credit will enable bad credit holders to get the money at reasonable rate.


Car loans in an instant

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