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Despite recent headlines about the US credit-crunch, getting car credit is easier than you think. By working on fixing bad credit after bankruptcy. This will be figured into decisions on getting financial services. The Internet doesn't provide much more clarity. Make sure to know what interest rates other companies are willing to give you before choosing one lender, even if that lender swears that you won’t find a better interest rate. Buy Here Pay Here (BHPH) financing means that you arrange a loan and make payments on it at the dealership. In addition to being a way to get a new car, financing the purchase through a poor credit car loan can help repair your own credit history in the process. Regardless of your past credit history, there are several car credit specialists able to provide you with no-obligation quotes from dealers in your area. Opportunities to improve credit One of the ways to rebuild a credit history is to make timely payments on an installment loan. That's because these types of dealerships understand the value and benefit of getting long-term use out of cars that many traditional dealerships would not accept. At a BHPH dealership, the process is usually reversed..


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