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The longer it has been since bankruptcy, the more likely you are to have a better credit rating. Your introduction to the world of Buy Here Pay Here financing Chances are that you've seen the words "Buy Here Pay Here" painted boldly across the windows of a local car dealership. What does Buy Here Pay Here mean? Despite being the fastest growing segment in the auto sales industry, there's not an official definition for Buy Here Pay Here in the dictionary. Make sure you ask the dealership if reporting is a policy they follow. This could keep you from refinancing if you later discover that you’ve entered into a contract with unreasonable loan terms. Fix Bad Credit After Bankruptcy Declaring bankruptcy is not the end of the road for your financial future. Using in store credit cards and paying them regularly will work too. Who should go to a BHPH dealership? BHPH dealerships are primarily designed for shoppers who may have experienced significant financial bumps and bruises. By working on fixing bad credit after bankruptcy is to check to see what black marks on your credit report you need to get rid of. Updates will.


Car loans in an instant

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